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be_a_jerk's Journal

Be a jerk RP
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Urg, those jerks at school or at work, talking behind your back, bullying you, stealing your homework ... flat out making your life miserable.

What are you going to do?

Roleplay as them! Take your pick of any jerk that makes your life miserable, write in their point of view, and make them seem as stupid, harsh, or weird as you want. Whether it'd be your boss, chemestry teacher, neighbor, prissy who has the locker next to you ... heck, even a politician ... the choice is yours.

A few simple rules...

~Be wary about using names. To be safe, it's not recommended to use names. Evil stuff could happen, you know? So, yeah, better not...
~If you make a comment in an entry as you, write "OOC (out of charactor): blah." Back in charator, "IC." Simple enough, right?
~No Lj codes, ok? Just use simple Lj etiquette.